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Automatic Räderwaschanlage System from MobyDick

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Construction industries always have trucks and other vehicles that will bring materials to construction sites. Because of the nature in the site, it is normal to see the vehicles dirty. The sludge, soils, and other kinds of dirt can stick on the wheels and other parts of the vehicles. These can be quite annoying and even cause some problems. That is why washing them cleanly becomes important job to do, especially before the trucks leave the construction site. However, this may not become easy task. It is not as easy as cleaning cars. Moreover, the dirt may stick strongly to the wheels or tires that it takes much effort to do it. In this case, having räderwaschanlage or automatic washing system will become very helpful.

Wheel Washing System from MobyDick

It is true that washing the wheels of trucks and other big vehicles in the construction sites are big deal. This takes time and effort. Even, volume of water that can be used to clean the vehicles can be great. That is why it requires better washing system that will clean the trucks and other vehicles effectively and efficiently. It is great when there is automatic system so later it is not necessary to allocate manpower to deal with the job. As for the solution, MobyDick can provide good wheel washing system. The technology provides automatic function that will later take less effort to control and operate the machine. This is good solution that will solve the problems of dirty wheels of trucks and other big vehicles in construction sites.

Modular Concept of Wheel Washing Machine

What is interesting about the washing system from MobyDick is about its modular concept. As modular equipments, it provides easier process of installation. This will be very useful for construction industries that always change the location of construction site. Moreover, situation of the site can be different, and having modular technology is useful. In this case, the wheel washing machine is not only easy to install, but they are able to adapt well with the situation of the sites. Then, MobyDick provides various models of products. Industries can choose the most suitable choice depending on the volume of vehicles and other considerations.